Who do you talk to? It can be lonely holding a Senior Role in an organisation or if you run your own business, or you could have challenges facing you in personal life meaning you are not as effective as you could be.

Who cares for you? Self care, mental health and resilience are priorities not just an add on.

Having a personal coach – who is not part of the organisation – allows a safe and more open dialogue, time to reflect and gain deeper insight into issues affecting you.

There is an expectation that leaders know the answers, provide the solutions and innovate new products.

Having a ‘ super-visor’/mentor/thinking partner – gives you impartial insight into who you are and how you lead.

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There is ample evidence to support the view that organisations of every size and type are confronting more and more complex challenges on a daily basis.

Even more so, with the global pandemic. At the strategic level, organisations face the challenges of a global marketplace, the demand for more and better communication, the imperative to keep ahead of the competition, and the ever-increasing expectations of customers. At the implementation level, however, the pressure for change is squarely on the shoulders of individuals, e.g. to take on new roles, to re-organise functions, to develop new teams and practices and to monitor progress and make adjustments.

It is at the individual level that coaching and reflective practice are able to play a key role and impact on productivity and strategic aims.

Experience shows that this process gives people more acceptance and understanding of themselves and others, taking on board feedback from 360 feedback processes, a higher success rate in implementing actions from a course, in developing specific skills to enhance performance and stretching talent.

Anne is also a registered Psychotherapist and helps provide the insight into mental health challenges and support for you and your teams.

She provides confidential coaching, mentoring, supervision, psychotherapy and reflective practice on an ad hoc or fixed term agreement.

(see also www.pureconsulting.com for personal therapy and coaching)

“I have to thank you for all of the work we did together and the help and guidance that you gave me. I regularly revisit the notes I have made and so you are continuing to help me to grow and develop. I used the work and techniques that we had talked through last year, and I am so pleased to be able to tell you that they worked and I got the promotion.

So, a big thank you for that, but also a huge thank you for all of the help you gave me in being able to see the world from different angles. It’s not exaggerating to say that I have seen a beneficial impact across all areas of my life.”

Senior Manager –  Organisation Development and Learning