Amersham plc asked us to design a series of coaching sessions for 40 of their Senior Managers as an adjunct to their 21st century Leadership Programme.  The task was given sharper focus when Amersham plc joined up with GE Medical Systems to form GE Healthcare – a $14 billion unit of the General Electric Company, employing more than 42,000 people world wide.  It meant incorporating issues into the coaching – issues like new roles, team re-alignment, out-placing and redundancy.

Each Senior Manager underwent 3 x 2-hour customised, coaching sessions, followed up with group sessions.

This was followed up with a specific programme for HR managers. They were well placed to promote understanding, implement and monitor processes, and act as role models – they were to be the ‘champions of change’.

The thrust of their coaching was two-fold:

  1. Translation of job responsibilities into action plans, plans that would form the basis of communication with staff; and
  2. Personal growth and development.

Hilary Harris, GE Healthcare Learning and Development Director for UK, is convinced that Lfi’s involvement has made a positive contribution to the business – “Anne’s strong business acumen and understanding of GE Healthcare was one of the keys.  It meant she quickly built a rapport with our Managers and was able to put their new learning into a GE Healthcare context”.