Team Performance

What are the characteristics of a high performing team - what do they say and  do to perform effectively?



We work with you to  develop a high performing team that will not only work better together, but can also provide an integrated collective leadership which engages internally and with external stakeholders to transform business.



Organizations are most effective when the teams accountable for the organization’s success are performing to the best of their abilities. When the relationships within the team work well, and all members of the team have a clear focus the team has a significant impact on achieving goals and building business.


 Team Coaching is aimed at anyone whose role it is to encourage and develop a team. Providing a thorough understanding of the role and importance the team has in contributing to an organization’s objectives, it provides the practical tools and techniques to facilitate effective team performance. It includes guidance on all the key areas of team coaching, including coaching the board and their teams, supervising  team coaching and enabling a team and its members to engage effectively with key stake holders in a collective manner - internally and externally.



"Anne Calleja created a one-year management development programme including coaching for myself, to develop a business vision and to build a previously discordant group of managers into a unified team of people leaders, capable of delivering significant change and service improvement in a rapidly moving media environment. It has been a huge success!"


Simon Hayward-Tapp - Head of Rights Group , BBC


"Anne is able to make teams more aware of how they work individually and how they work together.  Our Executive board were a relatively new group and Anne has helped them to relate and communicate with each other very effectively"




Nancy Holloway - Director of Operations